FSC Cigarettes and Common Sense.

Ok this is for all those smokers out there or people who have relatives, friends, or loved ones that smoke. It appears that the whinny people who have no life nor any common sense have championed a new cause. The cause. Fires caused by cigarettes. Yep, because all those houses and buildings have been just burning down right and left a group of losers have now banned together to FORCE smokers in the United States to once again be FORCED to tolerate the nanny stupidity.

What fruit has been born from the senseless whining about all those poor people that set themselves on fire with a cigarette? FSC Cigarettes will be LAW in all 50 states and soon will probably make their way overseas as well.

Now you may ask what is a FSC cigarette? Simple. It is a cigarette that uses CHEMICALS (THink fire retardants) and special technology in the paper that makes the cigarettes self extinguish after about 30-45 seconds. So what does this do to smokers? Simple. They either have to puff like a crack addict to keep their smoke glowing or keep relighting their cigarette ever 30-45 seconds. Also they are now inhaling CHEMICAL ADDITIVES that of course have not been fully tested for long term side effects or health problems due to INHALING chemical additives that act as a fire retardant.

Of course they argue that it will save lives because we all know that smokers are just burning down houses and buildings right and left and we just have to think of all those lives that would be saved from all those careless smokers that forget to put out their cigarettes.

Of course they will not even acknowledge the health risk they are imposing on people by making it law to add CHEMICAL RETARDANTS to a product consumed by humans but then again the last time someone had a bright idea about a “safe” fire retardant we were given ASBESTOS. Of course years later after all the millions of people that died from exposure to ASBESTOS the money is now being made on cleaning up what was previously “recommended”.

How do you tell if you are smoking an FSC cigarette? Look above the bar code on the cigarette pack. if the letters FSC are above the bar code you are now smoking fire retardants that no long term testing on health issues has been done yet.

Of course some side effects to the new chemical are coppery taste, numbness of the mouth, vomiting, nausea, headaches, loss of taste.

So next time you or someone you know lights up a smoke, take a moment to thank all of those “concerned” people out there that are more worried about the rare chance that some junkie is going to fall asleep with a lit cigarette rather than the health risk imposed on smokers by forcing them to now consume more chemical additives and inhaling burning fire retardants in order to placate some small group of losers that have nothing better to do than to strive to control every aspect of everyone else’s lives.

And on a side note think about this. More people die from alcohol related accidents than they do from smoking or from fires caused by lit cigarettes combined.

So how long before the whiny little do gooders push to have mandatory breathalyzers installed in all motor vehicles that would not allow the vehicle to be started if the presence of alcohol was detected.

I know, sounds silly doesn’t it? I mean sounds a lot like

“Hey lets put chemical fire retardants in all tobacco products to help cut down on house fires.”

Lets look at the sense in it. The nicotine nannies claim that FSC cigarettes could save up to 1,000 lives a year nationwide. So to save 1,000 people they put 43.4 MILLION lives at risk by forcing untested chemical retardants on ALL smokers in the United States.

I mean it couldn’t be that they are adding chemicals that cause bad taste, head aches, nausea, etc for some other objective like…

"One of the national health objectives for 2010 is to reduce the prevalence of cigarette smoking among adults to <12% (objective 27.1a) "

In the end what it comes down to is what is so wrong with this country. We hurt the many by trying to placate the few and we try to use “safety” as the excuse to push a totalitarian ideal on the masses.

Its no longer “freedom”

It has become “Free Dumb”

Google FSC Cigarettes.

I think people should be taught how to smoke responsibly. How to extinguish cigarettes. How to inhale deeply so that your cheeks suck in. How to dispose of the ash and stub ethically.
I also think the cigarette should be inserted into one of your nostrils to prevent any obvious oral enjoyment.

I despise the nanny state where unelected morons tell you what to do or not do. “Its in your best interest.”
I despise the political correctness which prevents you from telling the unpleasant truth to those who so richly deserve the life lesson.
I despise stupid people.

Am I banned yet ?

Apart from Camberwell carrots I have never smoked.

Here is a shining example of stupidity. :slight_smile:

msnbc.msn.com/id/33881838/ns … w_york_ny/

And here takes the cake of the “Me Me” mentality infecting people now a days…
guardian.co.uk/music/2009/no … artin-gore

Only in America…

I think you are a bit harsh Wock. If you are 81 years old and have an 18 year old Ukrainian bride falling over in a sports bar is a serious matter. Have compassion.

And for the World of Warcraft w***** he has to experience some tough love.
Solves a lot of problems and as it is static can go on the web so much easier.

I have the hammer but no nails. We could get by with the one inch screws but it would not be a craftsman’s job.


Did you forget to put your nicotine patch on this morning, Wock? :slight_smile:

I just have to say how much I love being able to go bars these days without choking on smoke and having my clothes smell of nicotine by the time I get home. My smoker brother still fumes (ba-dum!) about it, but me, I’m a happy smoke-free camper. But I’m with you. Let the smokers set themselves alight!

Hmm, I am enjoying this wine. Now, would you mind throwing me back that stone? Just mind my glass house.

Being fair the smokers in the UK seem quite happy to stand in the cold drizzling rain sucking on a fag.

All the while their belongings can be stolen and their beer is getting warmer. It does surprise me they have not rebelled.

And yes, your clothes not stinking so you don’t have to hang them in another room is a very pleasant side effect.