FTP option for compile.

I would like the the option of Scrivener uploading my compiled file(s) via FTP at the end of the compile process. This would make it easier to download a new eBook file and test it on my reader.

What do you use for FTP normally? I’ve always left this up to my FTP client, as most have multiple functions for automating uploads. Watched Folders is a common technique, they will scan the folder periodically and if a new file surfaces, or a file is modified, automatically upload to the proper location. There are also solutions that do not require the FTP client to be open. Some have a droplets feature. What I use is a combination of a droplet with an automation tool called Hazel. I saved the droplet with my FTP client, which automatically loads in “slim” mode when a file is dropped on it, uploads to the pre-programmed server/path and then shuts down. So I don’t need to leave the client open. Hazel does the monitoring. When I save a file to a specified drop folder that is monitored by it, it renames the file to be FTP friendly, timestamps it, then “opens” it with the special droplet. Once that is done it optionally moves the file to the trash. Of course, if you are handy with UNIX there are even lower profile ways of doing this with commandline scripting.

Anyway, the big advantage of using a universal “wheel” is that any program can participate. I can just as easily upload a graphic with Acorn. I don’t need all of my participating applications to have FTP clients built in.

I’m aware of such abilities in FTP clients, but that doesn’t really meet my needs. For one thing, I don’t necessarily want it to upload every time the file is generated. It would be easier to click a box in the COMPILE window for “FTP” than to manage this with some separate FTP program.


There are no plans for anything like this, sorry - this goes beyond what Scrivener is intended for. As Ioa says, if you need to upload a file from Scrivener, there are a multitude of programs that let you do that (and you could just choose a different path, to export to a place that doesn’t get automatically uploaded, if you were using an FTP client that supported automatic uploads, which would only be a little slower than ticking a button). It wouldn’t really make much sense for us to build a whole FTP client into Scrivener just to save some users the five or ten seconds it takes to drag an exported file to a dedicated FTP client.

All the best,

Keith, no worries. It’s a “wish” list after all. :smiley:

There are undoubtedly many other wishes that go more to core functionality, but since I am fairly new to the software, I am still learning how it all works.

Something like FTP capabilities not being there is an area where I can be fairly sure I’m not just missing something. It’s something I can live without, but also something that would be nice to have. Eventually, maybe, someday, after many, many higher priority things have been crossed off the list. :wink: