Full expansion of notes in Inspector

Pretty minor: This is relevant only to the Inspector HUD which appears in Full Screen mode. In the standard Inspector, the notes field can be expanded all the way so that it takes up the entire sidebar. In Full screen, at least three lines of keywords are always visible at the bottom.

Very easily fixed - just changed a “NO” to a “YES” :slight_smile: Incidentally, the only lack-of-state-saving in the views is that if you collapse the notes or references in the inspector in the main window, when you close and relaunch Scrivener it will be uncollapsed. I have no intention of “fixing” that for a while. Split views in Cocoa are a nightmare - whereas with window positions, outline view expanded states, table columns and so forth Cocoa provides easy auto-saving methods, there is no such thing for split views; you have to do it all yourself. There are solutions out there, but none really fitted my needs; I did it all myself. Originally, you couldn’t collapse the split view in the inspector. The position of the split view does get saved - it’s just the collapsed state that doesn’t. Collapsed is a special state in which the one view really no longer exists… Well, I won’t bore with the ins and outs. Ultimately I decided it would better to have those views collapsible even though you can’t save the collapsed state rather than forcing the user to have both views at all times.

I’m just telling you because you’re bound to notice… :slight_smile: