Full file path when hovering in task bar

So I do alot of writing and have quite a few projects going on at the same time, so whenever I want to swap from one project to another I hover over the scrivener icon in the task bar (the little bar at the bottom of the screen) and have to click through my numerous open files just to find the one I want to be on. When you do hover over scrivener it will show a little pop-up screen showing what’s currently on the page as well as the full on file pathway above that.
Is there any way to change that from ‘full path’ to just the folder it is inside of?
For example, what I currently have is:
D:\Work\Writing\Writing Projects[Insert subfile 1here][Insert project title here]
Whenever I hover over the scrivener taskbar icon.

What I would like it to show is just;
[Insert project title here]

I know this can happen, when I was still on the trial version it showed only the actual file name and not the whole directory. But since actually purchasing and getting the full version it now shows the entire directory.
So, any way to change this?

This setting is controllable via File > Options > Appearance > General Interface > Show full project path in the title bar.

You currently have this setting enabled.

If you disable it, then only the project title will display in the title bar, as well as in the task bar pop-up.


Thank you. Completely missed that in the options menu.