Full page cover artwork option when exporting

Idealy I would like to be able tell the compiler what picture to use as the front page artwork for my book. (This would then be given the whole front page to itself.)

As currently when you export the book the front page image only covers the middle of the screen leaving large white boarders all around it.

Fixing the issue would also mean that you wouldn’t have to first export another program to resize the cover artwork before reaching your final file format.

I too am looking for a way to cover the entire first page of my project with a full-page artwork. I’m guessing there is a way to change the margins just on that first page (make all margins zero inches), without touching the margin settings for the rest of the project?

Are you Compiling for an e-book? With the EPub3 file format and (a copy of) the e-book Compile Format, extra tabs become available above the right-hand side column of the Compile Overview window.
One is for setting the Cover the other for the ToC.

For a paperback, the full color cover is usually created in graphic design software, apart from the grayscale bookblock. So, you don’t have to add it.

If you do want to anyway, try Inserting a Linked Image as Front Matter, but I don’t think gou can fill the entire page in that case either.

I’m using Scrivener to compile a PDF. For now, my cover art will just fit within the margins. I’ll change the art’s color frame so that it doesn’t clash with the white page margins color.

Ever tried Calibre ?


I have all kinds of word processors I can export to. But I’d rather do as much as possible in Scrivener. The output from Scrivener to PDF is top-notch compared to other writing software. Anyway, I changed the art for the cover so that margins aren’t an issue.

Up to you.
But Calibre is not a word processor.
It is simply an advanced format converter, that happens to have a few useful functions the likes of handling a cover page.
And it is 100% free.

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Since you’re output is to pdf, if you have a pdf editor, you could add the cover image to the pdf directly, on its own page, full size, as the first page of the pdf, post-Scrivener.

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I may end up doing that.

There is nothing wrong with “not doing everything from A to Z” in Scrivener.
Even support says so.