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I am a new user, and much more of an idea guy then anything else. I have no idea what is actually possible from a technical standpoint. I can immediately see benefits to this software in my field. As a historian, I am using this product to produce papers. What is very helpful is being able to read pdfs, cut and paste quotes from the texts to notecards, and then again when I am writing my document. A couple things would be really helpful in advancing this…first, a full screen mode for reading. Just like how sometimes you want to block the rest of your life (both real and computerized) while writing, I find that I wish I could do the same thing while reading.

What would also be neat would be a way to mark pages that you have taken quotes from…instead of just typing the page number in the notecard, creating some sort of link to the actual spot in the pdf. This would be something like the electronic version of reading flags or writing in the margins…something that when I am reading I find very helpful. In doing so, I could quickly check back to the actual spot I took a quote in order to remember it’s context.

If not this, then being able to split the views more than just once…so I could have my document, the pdf, and the notes for the pdf open…
I have no idea if this is possible. I think it would help expand the functionality of Scrivener, since it would improve greatly the research capabilities of the program, and help expand the audience from just a fiction writing base into the realm of research.

Keep up the great work!

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just realized I wasn’t the first to request a full screen pdf reader…probably no coincidence that it was also someone who is a researcher…It looks like your product already is expanding into the research community! I know that my father (a physicist) pointed me in your direction…

This is why I love scholars. They are so unconsciously funny. Keep up the great work!

SKIM, http://skim-app.sourceforge.net/, might to the trick. In Scrivener, PDF-files can be opened in an external editor (just right click on the file and select "open in external editor). Just set SKIM as the default PDF viewer, and PDF files can be viewed in full screen in a much nicer way than PREVIEW.


Scrivener Gold used to allow the full screen viewing of other document types. I scrapped that in Scrivener just so that I could focus on getting the full screen as good as possible for writing. The control bar, for instance, would need to change for each document type, and the full screen window would have to pretty much replicate everything that the main editor window does in order to view other file types. I can see me bringing this back for 2.0, but the work involved and potential bugs that would be introduced makes this out of scope for any 1.x release.

Thanks for your suggestion - in the meantime, Magnus’s Skim idea sounds like a good solution. I’ve heard lots of good things about Skim.

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