Full Screen and Hide Menu Bar

Keith, one of the main reasons I was drawn to Scrivener was the true full screen mode which at the time far few programs had. However, I’d love to get rid of the menu bar all the time (either autohide or gone until I press some key or combination). Menufella by Ninja Kitten used to do this, but it doesn’t work with Leopard. Am I naive in thinking that you could do this with ease considering your magic with full screen mode in Scrivener :question: You could charge ten bucks or pounds for it whatever too.

Anyhow, it’s not exactly a Scrivener feature, just a spinoff that would grab a few extra precious pixels – especially for those with smaller laptop screens. :open_mouth:

You mean get rid of it in normal mode as well? I think there is a simple way of doing this, and it is already on my list of possibilities for 2.0 - though I can’t promise it will make the final cut.
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Auto-hiding the menu bar in normal mode would be great, but I’m also talking about other programs like Safari, Word, iTunes etc etc. I thought (naively I’m sure) that if you knew how to write the code to get it to disappear for full screen mode, you might easily be able to do the same thing even when not using Scrivener. Can’t wait for 2.0 I teach screenwriting and recommend Scrivener to all my students

I think there may already be a (free) app that does this. There’s certainly a tool called Think that will push any program into full screen, too.

Also, for any Cocoa program, I believe you can enter the below code into their preference files to get the effect you want:


I don’t think it will work for Carbon apps such as iTunes or Word (though I could be wrong), but it should work for Safari (you can Google “LSUIPresentationMode”, or search the forum for it, for more complete instructions, I believe).

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