Full-Screen and Scrivenings

I’m getting used to the new 2.0-Features, some of them are great improvements, others I don’t know at the moment.

One problem for me: When I select some text-files in the binder and select Scrivenings they show like expected in the editor. But when I switch to fullscreen mode, it’s only one of the files, no Scrivenings. Why is that? How to change it? (I could do that with 1.54…) It works with folders or containers, but sometimes you just want to select text files and work with all of them in fullscreen.

Also: When I am in a Collection and select text, change to fullscreen and come back, I’m not in the collection anymore, but in the binder. But I want to return, where I left. Is there a way to do this?


If the binder is selected when you enter full screen mode, the selection gets loaded into the full screen navigation history so that it’s easy to flip between them. If you are in an E.S. session, click in the editor before launching full screen, and that will load the Scrivenings session in full screen. I admit that’s not obvious and will take a look at it.

Good point about the collections thing, too. The idea is that the binder shows you the document you were editing in FS when you leave the mode, but it should check the current collection first. I’ve added it to the list.

I can’t promises these things will be fixed for next Monday, but if not they’ll be going into 2.01.


Great, thanks for the answer.

And keep up the good work! Scrivener is by far the best writing-enviroment that I know - except for pen and paper.