full screen and selection problems

I am using WIndows 8 on a laptop at 1366x768 resolution. I have configured the full screen view to black for both the text area and the page, while the text is configured as a bright green. (Old enough to remember the original version of WordPerfect anyone? :smiley: ) There was a bright bar about 3/4 of an inch wide on the right side of the screen through which I could see my desktop. It appears to have gone away after rebooting windows but was thoroughly annoying for that first session. probably one for the very minor issues list.

The larger issue is that when in full screen mode I can’t accurately select anything. It doesn’t matter if I’m using the touchpad or plug in a mouse, it highlights at hyperspeed and is nearly impossible to control. Mouse behavior is normal outside of the full screen view. Work around is to escape back to normal view and do your mouse related editing before returning to full screen.

Very happy to see full screen mostly functional on Windows 8 in this version. I missed it. The previous version gave me fits trying to close out of scrivener when I had been in full screen mode. I usually had to end task.


Do you have typewriter scrolling enabled? While in full screen, use the shortcut Windows Key+Ctrl+T to toggle that and see if it makes a difference to your selection ability–at least if you get the same behaviour with typewriter scrolling on and off, that will rule it out as a factor in the problem.

I haven’t see the uncolored bar you’re describing–if you get it again, could you try to grab a screenshot and also post any reproduction steps for triggering it? Thanks.