Full-screen background fade doesn't work on Linux Mint 13/14

It’s a tiny thing, but I’ve just noticed that in the beta, under both Linux Mint MATE 13 on a Dell desktop and Linux Mint MATE 14 on an EeePC 701, the background fade in Full Screen mode goes from full colour to solid black, instead of to transparent as it does in 1.2.6 for Windows.

The transparency works in Ubuntu 11.10 running under VMware, and also in Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.10 running from a LiveCD on the Dell machine (but when I had 12.10 installed Scrivener was crashing with the incompatible qt library error on trying to import files), so it may be purely a Mint issue. Going to the nvidia-current graphics driver for my graphics card doesn’t help, and gives me other problems.

I suspect it is definitely an issue with your install. I’m running Mint 14 and the faded background works just fine for me. I’m running on a Dell XT2 which has an Intel graphics chipset.


Thanks for the data point. Are you using Cinnamon or MATE?

Oh - hadn’t thought of that! I’m using MATE.


So am I, so it isn’t that. Just another weird thing about the intersection of my ageing hardware with different versions of Xorg and the graphics drivers, then. (Mint 13 with the Nouveau driver is the only combination I’ve found that will let my desktop run stably.) I should try it on my other, newer, netbook at some point.