full screen background image

Okay, I am sure I am just not seeing the button but for the life of me I can’t find the place to set the background image for full screen mode.

I was using the NaNo Windows version and downloaded the regular version because NaNo doesn’t have the codes out yet. The new version seemed to keep all of my setting but the background image. And I just can’t find how to reset it.

I know this is trivial but it is bugging me. :frowning:

I go to tools–options–appearance–full screen-background and the only option is for the solid color.

Thanks for any help

You got some new features in the NaNo version. :wink: The full screen background texture isn’t yet in the regular release, but you’re welcome to download the beta for the upcoming 1.5 release, available from this forum. It builds off the NaNo version, so all the features you had will be there, plus some bug fixes. The current beta expires Dec 21, but we’re expecting to have out another beta within the next couple days that will go probably until January, and the actual release should be just around the corner. Since the beta just has a set expiry, like the NaNo trial, you don’t need your registration information to run it, so you can run with it while you’re still waiting for the winner discount codes.

Congrats on your novel, by the way!

thanks for the prompt reply. :slight_smile:

It is silly but for some reason I really need that bg image to write!

I will go with the beta.