Full screen behaviour

Hi, I am a long-term CopyWrite (registered) user who has gradually become disenfranchised with it. One feature I have emailed the developer of CopyWrite about (and which he said was already under development in the next version - which didn’t happen) is the ability to set a vertical scroll limit when in full screen mode. This is because, as a laptop user, once you have written more than a page the typing just sits at the bottom of the screen which means that I am continually looking down at the top of my knuckles. I am also a registered user of viJournal and when I requested this feature from him he implemented this within a matter of days (I realise that Scrivener 1.0 is not due for several months, I’m just saying that it didn’t seem to cause him any major hassles).

This is on the list. I haven’t figured out the best way to implement it yet, but I intend to make the exact behaviour you describe optional both for full screen and normal modes (I find the default behaviour as annoying as yourself).

Bear in mind that “full screen” mode will look a little different in the next version; it will look more like the BlockWriter demo I posted on the “Other Lit’n’Lat Software” forum.

That’s an excellent idea. Also, would it be possible to have the cursor either remember its location when changing to full screen or (I might actually prefer this) automatically jump to the bottom of the file, as though saying, “Yeah, you’d better write some new content. Don’t think you can just procrastinate by going back over what you’ve already done and fixing the hyphenation.”

Hmm… Interesting. I had planned to just plonk the cursor where it already is within the edited document, but putting at the end isn’t a bad idea either…


Maria, please bear in mind that the new full screen will only look a little like the BlockWriter demo. There will be no strange typewriter-like editing. The idea is simply that you will be able to fade in and out the background, so that you can refer to notes or research whilst in full screen if you so wish. It is also a move away from the green or amber on black effect that is seen in most full screens, which is very retro; I actually think that black on off-white is more natural to the human eye because that is what we are used to… All suggestions will be considered, though.

Please don’t tell me that you will not let the user set (say) green on black for full-screen mode. I don’t think I could stand that black on off-white myself; and I don’t see that anything would be lost by leaving the settings in the user’s hands, as at present.


Me piping in again after Maria. :slight_smile: I third the request to set the background/text colors ourselves. I’m kind of assuming you already have this in mind? I’d also like customization for list fonts, etc., including font size for full screen which I didn’t see in the preferences. I basically like to customize as much as possible!


Don’t worry, full screen colours will remain customisable - the defaults will just be different and you will be able to fade the background.

Binder and outline fonts will also be a preference (though smaller lists such as keywords will just use a default font).

Font size customisation is already in Scrivener Gold - I am sure it is in the tutorial yet everyone seems to miss it. Place your cursor at the bottom of the screen for a couple of seconds and a control panel will appear which allows you to change the zoom factor of full screen.

I figured you’d have things be customizable. I think we just start to panic a little, I know I do, having just found Scrivener and finding it so perfect for my needs. I’m using it constantly now as my major writing program. Very happily so!

It’s true, I didn’t see the bit in the tutorial about adjusting the zoom in full screen. :blush: Sorry. I should have known you’d have provisions for that.


Yeah, Alexandria nailed this one: when software has finally got it so right, we all hold our breath anxiously at every suggestion of a change…

Thanks for the responses, Keith, and for the great program.


After testing every imaginable writing app, I settled for Scrivener, and I’m very happy with it. I’m sure that my projects will transition smoothly from Scrivener Gold to Scrivener 1.0.