Full screen -> blank space top and bottom

Since I updated to 1.1, the page, in full screen mode, doesn’t go from the very top to the very bottom anymore. it looks like this:

And I’m sure (almost) that in previous versions the page itself had no margin on top and bottom. I tried to change the margins in the preferences, but it only hides the first lines.

I’m using Leopard (10.5.1)

Any idea to fix this ? i think it’s a bug, but maybe am I wrong…

Thanks in advance,
and thanks for this masterpiece of software.

Yann L

“Heureux les fêlés car ils laissent passer la lumière”


This isn’t a bug and it isn’t recent - it’s always been like this; perhaps you have just never noticed before. If there wasn’t that slight gap, if you had the ruler visible and tried to use the topmost elements, you would continually cause the menu to drop down, which would prevent you from being able to use the ruler.