Full Screen bug kinda still broken

OK. First up: Merry Christmas Folks and hope you all have a Happy New Year.

2nd up: Lee, congratulations and thank you for all your fine work. Scrivener is a fine tool and has come on in leaps and bounds since the first beta. My writing has certainly improved since using it.

Now for the downer: One of the bugs that was fixed for this Beta was the following:

“When changing the paper width, sometimes the text is shunted to the left hand side of the paper, rather like in a word document when you increase the indentation on the right - fixed.”

I have a personal interest in this fix as I use full screen alot and was one of those to report this problem. Consequently I was hoping it would be fixed and was looking forward to it being so.

So what’s the problem? Well overall the bug has indeed been fixed and it generally does not occur anymore. Only problem is that sometimes it does.

For example, if you copy and paste a large chunk of text from a word document into a full screen Scrivener page then the text is immediately shunted to the left as before. Similarly if you type a large section of text without breaking it up into paragraphs. For example, I have a scene where a character has been arrested. The way I wrote the scene was as one rather long paragraph and suddenly the bug kicked in.

Once the bug has come into play it is not as troublesome as before - by playing around with the page width control you can get a reasonably wide full screen page, but if you widen the page too far the bug still kicks in and your work is shunted to the left.

As I say the bug is pretty much fixed and it mostly does not occur. But it is still there and does come up every now and again.