Full Screen bugs [ADDITIONAL INFO]

Been working on my novel a bit in full screen mode and have come across a few bugs:

  1. When I hold down Backspace, the cursor disappears and I can’t see how much I’ve deleted until I let go of the backspace key. This is actually rather annoying, as I have to delete chunks of text now by tapping the backspace key once for each letter.

  2. When the editor reaches the bottom of the screen and the cursor moves to the next line (i.e., whenever the editor finally has to move some text up the screen to make room for new text) the text block suddenly became halved, as if I’d split the page to make two columns and wrote only in the first column. I’ve tried to reproduce the same splitting, but I can’t get it to do it now. If it happens again, I’ll try to pay more attention to why then as opposed to now.

Otherwise, I’m loving the full screen editor. It’s one of my favorite features, actually. I’m even getting used to having to hit Enter twice for a new paragraph! (I like an extra line between my paragraphs; Liquid Story Binder has an option to insert an extra line automatically, and I’ve grown accustomed to that.) All in all, great job so far, and keep up the great work!

I’ve duplicated both on my netbook. Undoing said deletions in fullscreen mode also makes the cursor disappear until you release it.

Unfullscreening then going back to fullscreen seems to fix the division into columns. Selecting the text when it’s columned, unfullscreening, then fullscreening again, and pasting the text in leaves the text columned. There doesn’t seem to be a way of undoing it through copy&paste. At that point you have to restart Scrivener.

Weird. I just wrote three full scenes of my novel in full screen mode, and I’ve only had the split screen thing happen that one time. I should go knock on wood now…

(The other annoying thing about full screen mode is the way the cursor stays at the very bottom of the screen once you get enough text, but I know that’s something they’re already planning to fix, so I didn’t mention it here. Until now. Oops.)

another full screen bug, copy and paste do not work in full screen, it appears to cut but will not paste when you move out of full screen, the text is neither cut nor is it on the clipboard to be pasted.

I also notice that keyboard shortcuts for text styles doesn’t work in full screen. For instance, ctrl+B and ctrl+U for bold/underline just don’t work, and ctrl+I for italics functions like the Tab key instead. But the same shortcuts work fine in regular mode.

CTL + I is working just fine for me, but this half page resizing is very VERY annoying. I find it happens when you deliberately hit enter to make a new line or paragraph. I desperately would like this fixed.

Thanks for the feedback. I have been able to replicate the shortcuts not working in fullscreen, so we will fix that. I’ll look into the the annoying cursor position and set it to centre position similar to the Mac version.

I’ve been unable to duplicate the split column scenario - can anyone provide a scenario that they can consistently duplicate?


I’ve also got the bug where the text moves into one thin column when you hit the bottom of the page and the scroll bar appears.

The fastest way I’ve found to fix it is to move my mouse to the bottom of the screen so the nifty little options bar shows up, and then change the page width by dragging the bar on the left. As soon as I start fiddling with that, even just a little, the program seems to realign the text and the column goes away and moves the full width of the paper as it should. Once that’s done, it seems to work normally again.

Doesn’t fix the bug, but it does get rid of the problem nice and easily (for me anyway).


Using Win 7 (64)

I’ve had a devil of a time setting the width of the text in fullscreen mode - it narrowed down (presumably like the above reports) yesterday, and it won’t widen up again, regardless of how wide I set the non-fullscreen page or anything else I do, including trying to adjust the width of the fullscreen page (it just gives me extra white space to the right). It’s about the width of a trade paperback’s page, and it seems ludicrously narrow for today’s 16:9 screens.

I’ve got a couple requests for fullscreen mode, as well:

A - The big one: I’d love to see some white space between the bottom of the page and the bottom of the screen - typing at the very base of my screen gives me a bit of a headache, and trying to select text as I’m working on it is a pain, since it’s easy to bring up the toolbar on accident.

B - The vertical scroll bar when a fullscreen section reaches the bottom of the page is fairly unsightly. Any possibility it could be removed or minimized somehow, or possibly have the color changed so it’s less conspicuous or be moved over to the far edge of the screen to minimize the eyesore?

Additionally, is there a keyboard shortcut for fullscreen mode? If not, I’d like to see one implemented, since that would cut down on some irritation when popping in and out of it.

FatDragon, point A is a known problem that will be fixed at some point. As for the shortcut key for fullscreen mode, it’s F11 as in other Windows applications.

I’ve been trying for days to duplicate this, since I was the one that logged it here first, but I can’t do it. As I said, when it happened the first (and only) time for me, I had done nothing special, just kept typing until the cursor had to move below the screen, and then the text split. If I do the same thing now, however, there is no text split, and it works as intended. I’ll keep typing, and I’ll keep you posted.

I have had the half-column effect happen in full-screen – was just typing, and suddenly there was a lot of blank space and I couldn’t see where I was typing (the active area was below the bottom of my screen, I guess). Going out of FS mode and back in seemed to fix it. I have not found a reliable way to duplicate it.

Also: The cursor sometimes does not want to show up in FS mode (and when it doesn’t, neither does selecting text). Again this is not something I can duplicate with any regularity.

Also also: When switching from FS mode to regular, I am seeing the middle of the document, not the active area; and sometimes the last paragraph has disappeared and does not show up (using arrow keys or scroll wheel or slidey bar or select-all) unless I go to the visible bottom and type. Again, not duplicatable but it has happened several times.

(Scrivener is, however, complete awesome.)

I’m also having problems with full screen. I have had it size to half three or four times at random. Once, I had used the enter key to begin a new paragraph. The other times I really don’t know what happened. I escaped out and went back to full screen mode and everything went back to normal. I do like full screen, but it’s a little too full. It runs all the way to the bottom and into my taskbar and gets harder to read. Could there be a page break? Otherwise, it’s the only way I can keep a word count at the bottom. The other times I had the tally at the bottom, the program stopped working and the word count won’t come back even when I restart it. I would like to have a word count in full screen that doesn’t disappear. I like the program though. It’s just taking a little time to get used to it.

My screen went weird when I started writing a few hours ago, I had entered full screen mode and it was like my right margin was only about 4 inches from the left side of my 20" screen.

I closed the full screen editor and reopened it and it was normal so I just ignored it as a glitch in my system.

A little while ago, as I was writing in full screen mode (which I do not do very often), I was near or at the bottom of the screen when everything suddenly compressed down to barely 4" of space on the 20" monitor once again.

I have not been able to replicate it, so I have no idea what is causing it, but I will start seeing if I can keep some kind of notes on just what I am up to when it happens from now on so I might spot a pattern to it.

I have also noticed the font changing from document to document. Size and style of font. And sometimes have blue instead of black text, but I assume that is black is today’s writing and blue is from yesterday? Dunno, and I don’t think I’ve messed with the font settings on the program.


I had about… 2090 words and entered full screen to write, but when I enter full screen it ends up lagging so much that I can get a whole paragraph finished before it shows up on screen, and usually, after just one sentence it freezes.

Full screen would be great if I can use it, since I get distracted easily, but now I get distracted waiting for it to unfreeze/respond/what not.


I’ve had this is bug as well.

Specs: Beta 1.3 on Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit.

I’ve also happened upon the bug where the text in full screen mode shrinks into one thin column. I’ve tried for an hour to replicate this reliably but have not yet found a way to do it.
What I have noticed is the following:

First time it happened to me I noticed it could be overcome by increasing the slider for column width above a certain value (about 75% of maximum I believe but I did not note it down at the time).

Second time it happened was when I was changing the slider for column width and the effect would happen when I slid the slider towards a thin coloumn and then back to the right. The column width would “stick” at a certain narrow width and then stay there until I dragged the slider enough to the right (again I did not write down any figures as I wasn’t trying to recreate the bug at the time).

Third time it happened was recently in my Nano-project and what I found then was that once it happened it would show up every other time I went into full-screen mode. Literally it would be like this:

I hit f11 and go into full screen mode and the text would be in one narrow column.

I hit f11 again and go back to normal mode, the thin column would still be there for a fraction of a second and then the text would right itself.

I press f11 again and enter full screen mode. This time it looks like it should with no narrow column.

Pressing f11 two more times to exit and re-enter the fullscreen mode would result in full-screen mode with the narrow column problem.

Pressing it two more times would result in fullscreen mode with normal width column.

After failing to replicate this problem in a new project I went back to the project where I encountered this to try to observe the effect closer there, but I found that saving and exiting the project had removed the problem and the effect was no longer there.

If it occurs again I’ll try to see if I can pin it down some more.