Full Screen, But Only Top to Bottom

I just bought a 17.3" laptop, and looked forward to having more space for the document window.

But here’s the thing, this screen isn’t much taller than that of my old laptop, it’s mostly wider. It’s got the new 16x9 aspect ratio. So, when I go fullscreen, I get no advantage to new, wider screen. I just have more blank space on the sides.

I’d like to have full screen use all of the top to bottom space for the document, but allow other windows on the side, like this:


That is, I want to use fullscreen not for eliminating distractions, but for eliminating the menu bar, etc.

If there’s no way to do that, you might consider it.

If you move your mouse down to the bottom of the screen in full screen mode, there are some display options here that will do what you’re looking for. Mainly, set the paper position to “Left” and adjust the background opacity all the way off. You’ll still need to Alt-Tab since the background is still “there”.

OK, thanks, that’s pretty good.

Think about doing this someday: not fading the background at all, and allowing me to click on anything that is showing there. Also, hiding the Scrivener window.

OR, even better, allow options to View or Not view the menu, title, and status bars.



View > Layout > Header View
View > Layout > Footer View
View > Toolbar
Format > Format Bar
Format > Ruler

Possibly also

View > Layout > Binder
View > Layout > Inspector

That turns the Scrivener window into a pretty basic editor that you can attach to one side of the screen with room for your other windows beside it.

Excellent, thank you.

Note that I expected to be able to do that, and I looked around for those options. Why didn’t I find them? Because they are in the wrong place. Users are unlikely to discover those options by themselves.

If a user doesn’t want to view the ruler, she will expect there to be an option to View/Ruler. She will look on the View menu, and not see it. That’s what happened to me. She doesn’t want to format the ruler, so she won’t look on the Format menu.

Once you have it set up this way, you can save the window settings by going to Window->Layouts->Layout Manager. Then you can pop into and out of this minimalist setup easily.

Thanks Robert, I’ll be using that!