Full Screen Color Preferences don't work?

So I’m sitting here in the menu banging my head against the wall wondering why the preferences for changing color of elements both don’t update dynamically in the preferences themselves (ie, change the page color to black but the word “Page” in what I assume is a preview box doesn’t change color at all) nor seem to work in practice either.

Page color and background color seems to change correctly in full screen mode itself, but as soon as I try to change the text color (to say green) and then hit OK and/or Apply, the text remains black both in the preferences (or tools or whatever it is on Windows) menu and in full screen mode.

Am I going crazy or is full screen effectively completely unusable in the current Windows release?

Full Screen coloring currently works differently on the Windows version from the Mac version; there’s not an override option on Windows as on the Mac. Thus the color that you apply to the text here is the default color that shows if the text is not specifically colored. Some applications color text black by default, so this is a problem you’ll see most often with text that was brought in from elsewhere. Select the text and choose Format > Font > Text Color > Remove Color to strip it. (You can do that more simply via the menu button in the format bar or the editor context menu.)

You’ll need to hit the “Apply” button in the options to see the changes take effect in the actual project window, but the when you’re changing colors, the little square color chip that you click on to open the color palette will change in the options window to indicate the current color. The text itself never changes.

So does stripping the text color have any repercusions when I go back to working on the same Scriv file on my Mac?