Full Screen Corkboard?

Is there any way to make the corkboard a full screen thing? This is not a big deal. Just wondering.

You can do something very nice with the saved layouts. Try this (you may need to re-zoom to fit window):fullscreen corkboard.scrlayout.zip (141 KB)Using the Shift-Cmd-) shortcut to switch layouts is nearly as easy as going into and out of full screen, and usually for myself when I settle into a corkboard session I’m there for a while. My typical “full screen” corkboard is freeform, small font so I can maximize space, and sometimes with the inspector open so I can jot down more details in the doc or project notes as I rearrange and bang out new ideas. The layout I’ve attached is just the linear corkboard view, with everything else hidden.

Why not just set up a layout (View > Layouts > Show Layouts)? Hide the binder, inspector, toolbar, header, footer and so on, and then save the layout so that only the corkboard is taking up the whole screen. Then you can switch between that layout and others quickly (using the toolbar icon for instance).

When Lion comes along this will be even better because you will be able to make the whole window take up the whole screen, hiding the Dock and menu bar until the mouse goes to the top or bottom of the screen. So layout’s + Lion’s full screen feature (which admittedly I have yet to implement, but intend to before Lion is out) will do exactly as you wish.

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EDIT: I see MM has beaten me to it!

In this context would it be safe to assume that the word “corkboard” is not a euphemism for our favorite pastime?

And before anyone asks: yes, I am like this all the time. Pray for the sanity of those around me. Or for their sweet release via a cessation of respiration. Deciding whose respiration ceases can be left up to the one doing they praying!

Thanks, all. Makes sense. I was just being lazy.