full screen corkboard

Hey guys, just starting to use the program and enjoying it but…

I’m wondering if there is a way to make the corkboard full screen and not see any of the other windows/frames. I’m in an outlining phase and really just want to sit with the cards and the board and rearrange them, edit, etc and not be distracted by anything else, but I can’t seem to close any of the other panels. Is there a way to go fullscreen with the corkboard or am I out of luck?

nevermind I figured it out. I’ll leave this here in case anyone else has the same question.

If you hide the inspector by clicking the blue “i” in the top left corner you’ll lose the Inspector on the right and in View>Layout on the menu bar you can “hide binder,” so you’ll be left with nothing but the corkboard. There may be other ways to do this too, but this work for me.

Note you can also hide the header and footer bar to give yourself even more space. These layout options are the View/Layout/Hide Header View and Hide Footer View menu commands. There is actually a screenshot of this configuration (though I left the footer in) on the website, at the bottom of this page.