Full-screen creates lagged typing

I noticed that when I have my laptop running on “Better Energy Life”, the typing lags considerably in full screen mode. I would just assume it is my 1GB/G4 not being fast enough, except for the fact that it runs perfectly outside of full screen mode while typing. Not sure why or if this is even a bug.

Very strange… I have not experienced this - and remember that Scrivener was originally tested on an iBook G4, 1GhZ with 768MB memory. Unfortunately that iBook is in for repair at the moment, so I won’t be able to test on a similar system for a few days. Does the problem persist when you close and relaunch Scrivener? Are you typing in the middle of a document or at the end of it? How long is the document?
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It’s not all the time, but it will certainly occur if I’m on power saving mode with several other apps in the background also eating processor in addition to Scrivener. I suggest when you get the iBook back open a bunch of hogs like Photoshop and then go in Scrivener full screen. Keep opening apps until the first time you notice typing lag in full screen mode, then leave full screen and it should work fine in regular mode.

Essentially, it seems like full screen takes more processor for some reason. I’m not a computer scientist so I’m not sure why this is happening but I always find it odd that it runs more smoothly outside of full screen mode than in (with all the graphics gone).

Is the text colour override something that is happening real-time? Perhaps, try disabling “Override text color” (if you have it on), and see if that makes a difference. Typewriter scrolling, too.

Text colour override could indeed be the culprit. I would be interested to know whether disabling text colour override gets rid of the problem. Essentially, every time you type a letter, the colour is overridden - normally that shouldn’t be a problem, but it is possible that it could burden things in the situation you describe. Essentially, if you are running in powersave mode on a G4, you shouldn’t run hogs like PhotoShop in the background. :slight_smile:

From the looks of it, that box was already unchecked. If it helps any, I’ve noticed it only happens when I type quickly (my typing speed at that time is probably somewhere between 100 and 150 WPM when it happens).

Hmm, my typing speed is only 80wpm, but I haven’t seen it even when mashing the keys with random letters (which must be over 100wpm)… This is on my list of “ongoings”. Are you using any non-English fonts?


I have noticed lately some lag, but it is not consistent, only when I start typing after having paused for a moment or two. The program will take a half-second to start showing the text that I’ve typed. After that point, it keeps up just fine – so it might not be related to this. I should add that I do type about as fast as you do; anywhere from 100 to 135 wpm.

AmberV, are you sure that’s not just the autosave? Given that the autosave will kick in if you stop typing for two seconds, it sounds as though the program might just be saving as you begin typing again…

It could very well be that I’ve become acutely synchronised with auto-saving, and that I try to start typing the moment it begins. :slight_smile:

Yes, this definitely sounds like auto-save. It is very consistent and I have gotten more used to it. The only problem for me is that it seems that, like Amber mentions, my pauses in typing are perfectly timed with the autosave, such that I almost always experience this lag. To be honest, it can be a tad annoying, but then again, so can I, so fair is fair. :slight_smile: