Full-screen Cursor Location - Just me?

This is kind of minor and when I did a search of the bug list, someone referred to it not happening to them, so maybe it’s just me, but…

When I go to full-screen mode and move the cursor, type etc. When I go back to normal non full-screen mode, the cursor is in the location that is was when I started in normal mode. ie. it hasn’t been moved to reflect what happened in full-screen model. The text updates are fine, but the cursor is back where I started. Seems a little odd, and I assume it’s not supposed to do this.

I’m using Tiger on a PowerBook G4.

Best, Taman

Are you using the new beta or the older 1.03? I believe this was fixed in the new beta.

Indeed, this is an old bug with 1.03 (the release version) which has been fixed for 1.1 (including in the new betas which can be downloaded from the Beta Testing forum).
Thanks for taking the time to report bugs,

Yep, was using 1.03 - have now upgraded and is fine. Thanks!