Full-screen custom colors

Using the latest Windows version. Would love to have the option of using yellow text on a black background instead of black on white… it would be much easier on the eyes.

Thanks for making a great piece of software.

You can override the Full Screen colors to your heart’s content.

I like gold on black myself, which is very similar to the amber monitor that I used to use with WordPerfect on my PC XT back in the day.

I am on my iPad at moment, so cannot tell you exactly what it is called in Win Scriv, but I believe the menu setting is under Options/Full Screen.

If that’s not how you get to it, then have a look at the Full Screen section of the manual - overriding colors of text & background is discussed there.

Hope that helps,

The control is in Tools->Options->Appearance->Full Screen. Double-click on FullScreen. I’m using Win 1.9.6. The sheet colour is adjustable via Page, but the Text remains black no matter what colour it is set to.

Are you using Win & iOS Scriv? There is a bug in iOS Scriv where text previously set as ‘no color’ on the Windows version reverts to black after one edits the text on iOS.

The workaround is to go to Format>Font>Text Color>Remove color.

Unfortunately, until this is fixed, you will need to do this for each document, and you will need to repeat it after editing the doc in iOS.

If you are not using iOS, try the workaround anyway in Win Scriv and see if it fixes things for you.

I don’t think this is a bug in iOS. A bug is a miscoding that the developer should try to correct. This is a result of the different ways Windows and Apple systems handle “no colour”. I can’t remember if the guys have found a way round it for desktop Macs vs Windows PCs as it has never affected me and my collaborator, however Keith has always shown himself good at finding ways round such system constraints. Whether he can in this case i …



Hi Mark,

Agreed, “bug” was not the best way to categorize this.

The actual wording from L&L Support was “this is a known issue and is caused by the iOS TextKit”.

We’ll have to wait & see whether L&L can find a way to correct it.