full screen cut'n'paste bug

I’m editing a fairly lengthy script using ‘View Scrivenings’ in full screen mode, orange text on black.

Pasted text (it’s the same whether I use ctrl-c or ctrl-x followed by ctrl-v, or drag and drop using a mouse) frequently doesn’t appear, but I can see from how the text cursor moves horizontally as I move it down line by line that it’s there. Reapplying the style makes it re-appear.

Edit: I’m using a MacBook with 10.4.11. I did an archive and reinstall on OS X a couple of weeks ago.


I can’t reproduce this behaviour - could you give more information, perhaps a step-by-step guide on how to reproduce it every time?


I’m using a PC at the moment so I’ll double check this later, but it’s basically bog standard cutting and pasting.

  1. Select a number of documents and choose ‘Edit Scrivenings’ to bring them into one window.
  2. Go into full screen mode (in script mode)
  3. Select some text, either by mouse or text cursor.
  4. Copy or cut it, or drag it using the mouse.
  5. Move the cursor to a new location.
  6. Paste or drop the text.
  7. The text around it moves to accommodate it, but the ‘pasted’ text is invisible; that is, it’s the same colour as the background or transparent, but the cursor moves to the end of line and so on.
  8. Reapply a style to the paragraph (cmd-y then whatever letter) and that paragraph’s text reappears. This has to be done for each ‘disappeared’ paragraph.

This seems to be fixed for the next update, where the way full screen temporary colouring works has been changed…
Thanks and all the best,

Thanks Keith. Oddly enough I’ve having problems recreating it now.