Full Screen display sets

I know that, after all those stars and mices, Keith will no longer be wanting to change anything. But I ty to suggest such a minor thing, that might tempt him for how marginal it is.

Some days, I like to work with amber characters against a black background. The following day I might prefer a slightly lighter background - a less fatiguing dark grey.

But, then, sometimes I don’t want to be pushed to writing by all that gore contrast, and go for an ancient, calm white against blue. Or I might want to feel young, and choose green characters against a dark background.

Mightn’t each of these combinations be saved in a separate set? I would call it the “Mood setting” menu.


Have you tried using the saved settings function? Check out the ‘Manage…’ drop-down at the bottom of the preferences dialogue. Granted, it saves all preferences and not just full-screen colours; but for me anyway, those other things never change anyway once they are set up. So, it might work for you.

Quite. The functionality already exists in your preferences panel to save what you want.

Amber, thank you for pointing me to the right direction.

It’s fantastic. I spend most of my time asking for existing features. At least, I will not receive refusals.
Keith, you did a program that was not ever in my dreams. Features existed even before I dreamt of them…