Full screen 'dock'


This is such a tiny nitpick that it’s hardly worth mentioning… :blush:

Is there a Preference setting that I haven’t found for the ‘dock’ automatically sliding up at the bottom of the screen whenever I switch to Full screen mode and then disappearing?

I find it a (tiny bit) disturbing that it always pops up where I don’t expect to have my focus. Ideally, I’d appreciate a setting where I could disable the ‘rabbit out of a hat’ behaviour, leaving it to me to decide when I need to invoke it, for example to trigger the Inspector.

I told you it was a tiny nitpick! :wink:



EDIT: I understand the reason for the automatic showing of the Full screen dock, of course – it’s a very good idea for someone who’s getting acquainted with the rogram, as a reminder what’s hidden but available. But as one get used to it, it would be nice to be able to switch the automatic showing off.