Full-screen edit jumps

A silly question - insignificant perhaps within the maelstrom of serious inquiries but…

I’m cruising along in full-screen mode, totally absorbed in my writing. My conscious field of vision comfortably digests the portion of the text visible within the borders of the screen precisely because Scrivener has allowed me to set the page width, height and text size etc.

I need to edit a word positioned roughly three-quarters down the visible page but as soon as I click on it and begin typing, the whole text jumps up so as to place the edited line in the middle of the screen, forcing me to re-orient my mental “map” of the working world.

This is always slightly startling and very distracting - especially when I have to make a few quick edits.

Am I just a wimp because, after all, the mental “map” is actually a mental screen-shot that I’ve taken in the moment before I look away from the screen to the keyboard while I execute the editing - which I have to do because I never learned to touch-type?

Or is there a preference button that will switch it off and let the textual field remain as an anchored visible area?

Thanks for a great upgrade, and I do hope this all makes sense.


It sounds like you’re in typewriter mode - which always keeps the currently-edited line in the middle. You can turn it off by going to Format > Options > Typewriter Scrolling. Typewriter scrolling is mostly useful for just composing and typing away, and not so useful for editing.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Hi Keith, thanks for your reply.

No, Typewriter scrolling is off - that was the first thing I checked (although perhaps I should re-title this topic “Persistent Typewriter Scroll”). :slight_smile:

It’s annoying but not a major problem in the scheme of things. If you do happen to think of any other possible cause (or cure) then I’d like to know, otherwise: C’est la vie!



Just to be clear, because I think this has caused confusion before, the editors are all different, so typewriter scrolling needs to be set for each editor pane in the regular window and also for the Full Screen window. While you’re in full screen, go to Format>Options and makes sure Typewriter Scrolling is off there.

If it is, of course, I got nothin’. :wink:

Also, just for new projects, you can set the default for FS scrolling in Scrivener>Preferences>Full Screen down at the bottom. Unchecking that will only affect new projects, though, so it won’t have any effect on what you’re seeing in the project you’re currently working in.

Thanks MimeticMouton, your suggestion was right on the mark. TS was set off in normal editing pane but set on in full-screen.

Much appreciated.