Full Screen Error[BUG LOGGED]

Going into the full screen mode, from the full view of a chapter(not sure on proper phrasing there, sorry) has all of the script to the left half of the screen as if it was a newspaper column. I haven’t touched any of the settings so I’m only able to draw the conclusion that this is a bug and not something I’ve done.

I also just experience the most common full screen error, where after going into it, it gives an error message stating that the program has to close.

Thanks RibbonMitsu, this is a well reported bug and be assured it has been added to bug list.

I can get this one reliably by:

1.) Make certain something on the binder is selected (doesn’t matter what, or be in corkboard view)
2.) switch to fullscreen mode (f11)
3.) scroll down using the mouse wheel.

It won’t crash if I insert a cursor somewhere in the text first, then scroll. This is on the windows native version, not the linux one.

I got this one again by switching between text view (multiple documents), clicked into my research folder to look at an imported web page, then tried to scroll down. I wasn’t in fullscreen mode this time.

1.) click into text view with multiple documents selected (for instance a file in my draft folder)
2.) click on an imported web page in my research folder.
3.) Scroll downwards.

It doesn’t always do it, though.

Edit: I was using 1.3 for windows with wine (1.3.7).