Full Screen Features

In addition to Scrivener’s ability to organize a large writing project, the main reason I use the Mac Version is the versatility of the full screen options–in my case to create an elegant dark page and bright light type, which somehow helps my concentration immensely. I hope the Windows version can match this, so I can go back and forth between systems.

That’s definitely the idea. There were some important things that needed to be resolved first, such as the RTF handling. Once the base system stabilises and core features are working together, aesthetics will be developed.

I would like to see the option of color change in full view mode as well - this probably going to be the main decision making point for me regarding the purchase of the windows version. Writing on dark-er background makes a big difference for me, helps me to concentrate better.

Yup, nothing has changed here in this regard to my knowledge. Plans for aesthetic adjustment are on the list for release; and if not on release, shortly thereafter.