Full Screen Font Color Settings

How to change full screen text color to white?

Hello, I am new to Scrivener.

I cannot seem to make the text color in Full screen consistent.
I go to Tools > Options > Appearance
-Full Screen
and I select a color (white)
and I change the background and page to gray.

Here is the twist.
The background and Page colors change, but the text color remains black.

Once I somehow managed to change the text color to white (so I know its possible), but some documents wouldn’t be white in full screen and other’s would.

so huh?

It sounds like the text is specifically colored black, so the appearance options aren’t overriding it. Try selecting the text and then choosing Format > Font > Text Color > Remove Color (also available from the “A” icon in the format bar). If your default is black in the main editor, you won’t notice a difference there, but you should get the text coming up white in full screen then.