Full Screen Font Color

It’s a very small suggestion. I have been reading many posts but I Missed this suggestion, and I read where the author has frozen new features for a time so, if I am not wasting anyones time, please allow a simple suggestion?

Full screen could have a small click spot to change the FS text color.

I know I can do this in the preferences quite easily but it just seemed missing when I saw how in full screen I could move my cursor to the bottom of the screen and the controls for Full Screen will pop up.IT seemed that to work best I could have changed the font color there on the FS menu (while looking at the FS).

Please don’t take this suggestion as a criticism. I think I Like what I see very much in Schriver. When I saw the nifty popup menu for the FS mode I instantly realized (what I am suggesting) was missing. Maybe it’s the too anal orderly part of me (it rarely stays around long but it does exist).

Thanks. David

Hi David,

Thanks for your suggestion. The reason this option is confined to the Preferences (as it is in most apps that provide such a feature) is that it is the sort of thing that most users (not all, of course, but most) will set up once and then rarely change once they have found the full screen settings with which they are happy, and which they will want to stay the same across projects. The controls at the bottom of the screen are for things that you may wish to change more regularly, and also which you may wish to change per-project.

Hope that makes sense.

All the best,

Yes, and you are probably right. Now that mine is set I will most likely leave it alone. Still, I once played with such a feature with MacJournal and I went back and forth (many whims) to try different colors. Maybe it was stalling writing, or maybe just to see it differently. Sometimes it is nice though to test different contrast colors.

I do agree with your point. And yet, when I Look at that very cool pop up bar I see the adjustment for the font color as missing. THe page width should also be in the preferences by your example. Once I have adjusted the page width to full screen I wouldn’t mess with it again. It just look nearly perfect and I wanted to suggest a tweak. But hardly a necessary one as you say.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Now on to the writing (as soon as I purchase Schriver). Now, where is that procrastination override switch? In the preferences? Oh yes, there it is, just beside the writers block on/off feature. :wink: