Full Screen formatting + linking

A few problems I’m figuring out at the moment. Not sure if they are limitations of Scriv2 or if I simply haven’t worked out how to jump the gap.

It used to be possible to call up the Format Bar from full-screen mode (via the ruler to which it was attached). This was very useful to be able to mark-up text by applying pre-sets such as custom highlights etc. Now I get the ruler but not my preset list. Is there any other way to do this?

I’m also having trouble creating links by dragging files from the binder over to the document notes column. I used to do this to quickly create a clickable index for a project, or links for a document to related material. I figured that in Scriv2 alt+drag creates a link rather than copying the content into the doc notes column but sometimes it causes the linked doc to appear in the editor and sometimes it doesn’t. Is it possible to create the link via drag without having to lock the doc in the editor?

Also…has the Scratchpad lost its gravitating corners? …and is it no longer possible to call it from the toolbar?

BTW: these small matters notwithstanding, I think Scriv2 is a great leap forward and I’m enjoying my explorations so far!

There’s no format bar in full screen, no.

Regarding links, try holding down the Option key to drop and create a link. Even in 1.x though the editor could change document as soon as you click in the binder it will take the focus and switch document, there’s no real no way around that.

You can now call up the scratch pad using a hot key set in the General pane of the preferences. So by default, shift-cmd-return will call it up - no matter what program you are currently using. So the corners are gone because you don’t need to have it on screen while working in another program at all, seeing as you can call it up with a hot key at any time.

Glad you’re liking Scriv2 so far!

All the best,