Full Screen Hiliting bug

Hi Keith,

In Full Screen when I hilight text I want to delete or copy I can’t get the hilighted text to extend beyond the monitor edge (visible page). This means if I have several pages of stuff I want to delete or copy I have to do it in chunks.

If this has already been tackled I aplogise. I know you are really close to making the next beta available so I thought this one might just make it.

PS I was in Full Screen at 110% at the time - it may be relevant.

Huh, interesting - yes, I can recreate this, and it’s odd. I will look into it.

Thanks for the bug report,

Update: Well, this one is a humdinger. :slight_smile: It turns out that in order to scroll a text view whilst selecting, the mouse cursor has to be past the edges of the text view - which of course it can’t be if the text view’s edges meet the edges of the screen. You will thus find this exact same bug in the full screen modes of both CopyWrite and DevonThink.

Anyway, to fix it I just have to move the edges of the text view in a little, which also means I’ll have to make minor adjustments to the drawing of the scroller so that it draws a line at the top and bottom so it doesn’t look as though it’s floating in the middle of nowhere. ie. Fixed for beta 2.