Full-screen inspector refuses to cover Dock

In full screen mode, the Dock is not visible. Yet the Inspector always slides to the left (my Dock is pinned to the right) in order to avoid the space where the Dock would be if it were visible, which it isn’t.

I realize this might technically be a feature (especially if your Full-Screen opacity isn’t 100% like mine), but for me it’s maddening – I want that floater all the way on the right side of the screen, and it refuses to stay there between mode-changes, presumably because the Dock is there.

I know this is as minor as it gets but it drives me batty. :slight_smile:

Curious - this doesn’t happen if the dock is set to be pinned to the bottom. It seems like a strange limitation in OS X, given that this behaviour is controlled by the OS X window server… Although that does depend. Are you using Tiger or Leopard? If Leopard, it is likely to be an OS X bug; if Tiger, it may be my mistake (on Tiger, the HUDs are custom built and the window behaviour is defined in code by me).

I’m using Leopard but I’m 99% sure this is the case on Tiger as well. It would figure this is an Apple issue. I wonder if pushing the dock into auto-hide mode when you switch to full-screen (and taking it out when switching out) would work around the problem? But it wouldn’t shock me at all if this was an Apple bug.