Full screen issues and a suggestion (V.035)

I’m not sure at this point if some functions available within the editor still to be implemented in full screen mode. Here are some short cuts lacking in full screen:

– zoom Ctrl+=
– zoom Ctrl±–
– Project targets ( I don’t see a way of making this visible in full screen)

Also, would be nice to have (for the Latin-based users) Scrivener to be able to input the French quotation marks through the following keys:

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+[ produces «
Pressing Ctrl+Alt+] produces »

This is possible to obtain in any windows based application.

Thanks Lee for your hard work!

This is not by any means a problem which cannot be manageable with some tweaks, but it would be nice to know if it contains any merit to be addressed. Thanks.

There’s a rather large list of shortcuts that we’d like to have working in full screen which aren’t currently possible, so it’s a little hard to be overly specific on this now–ultimately, yes, we want these working, but it’s going to depend on what Lee can manage since it involves a lot of working around limitations. Zoom is possible in by mousing down to the bottom of the screen and adjusting the settings in the control panel there or by using the scroll wheel on your mouse if you have one.

This isn’t terribly elegant, but if you open Project Targets before entering full screen and then set the background to be semi-transparent, you can see the targets window “behind” full screen while you’re working. It’s not the long-term solution, but it might help you out for now.

And finally, the 1.0.2 addressed some issues with creating characters that use the AltGr key, so have you upgraded and tried creating the quotes again? If you’re still having trouble with those, I’d like to make sure that Lee knows there are still some specific issues there. (Are you able to create the quote marks properly in the regular editor but not in FS?)

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post.

I updated Scrivener to 1.0.2 and I’m happy to report that I can now insert the French quotes the standard way, in both the editor and full screen mode.

The other issues are workable and don’t represent significant challenges and thanks again for your suggestions.

Lee came up with a very strong application and I’m proud to say that I’ve used it since the first beta.

Take care.