Full Screen line position

Hi all,

I’m testdriving Scrivener and so far I like it. However, there’s something I find unpleasant in the Full Screen mode. When typing, the line you are typing remains in the middle of the page. As a result, when you’re at the end of a line, the whole page jumps up a line. I would prefer the page to remain in place - like it is the case with most text editors (or even with the field I’m typing in now).

I’ve tried several settings in the preferences-section (like the ‘type writer scrolling’, but that changed nothing), to no avail.

Is it possible to change this? And how can I do that?

Thanks for the help.

Format > Options > Typewriting Scrolling (if you look in the preferences, “Use Typewriter Scrolling” is under the “Default Settings for New Projects” section, so you’ll need to turn it off for existing projects separately).

Glad you’re liking Scrivener!

All the best,

Thanks for the response, KB, but it doesn’t seem to work. It doesn’t make a difference if I turn “Use Typewriter Scrolling” on or off in the format menu, the page still centers on the middle of the screen… Even after I restarted the program.

Did you turn it off while you were in full screen mode? It can be used in the regular non-full-screen editor, too, so if you want it turned off for full screen you need to un-tick it while you are in full screen.

All the best,

OK, that did the job! Thanks!