Full screen makes shortcuts not work

Hi everyone - this is my first post.

I love this program. I love that it has a great community behind it also so thank you all :slight_smile:

Three questions:

  1. Why, in scriptwriting mode, if I go FULL SCREEN do my Fn (Function) shortcuts stop working?
  2. Since day one, “Fn P” - the shortcut for ‘parenthesis’ - doesn’t work - anyone know how to fix that?
  3. Is there a way to make character names predictive in the same way that INT. and EXT. Are predictive? (by predictive I mean they suggest EXT. when you type E in the slug-line)

Thanks again :slight_smile:


To answer the first question:

Fn + those shortcuts is purely unintended. The idea is that you hit cmd-Y to bring up the menu and then type the individual letter. I have no idea why you can actually use Function + the shortcut to make it work, that’s something underlying in OS X, but it’s not something I intended in the first place (the Function key is only available on laptops, whereas everything I have coded is global, based on keys supported by all machines).

You can enter character names in the project auto-complete list in the Edit menu.

The next version makes things a little easier for writing scripts, including better auto-complete and better shortcuts for the elements, too.

All the best,

Thanks KB, Great response - much appreciated :slight_smile: