Full Screen mode and Multiple Screens [BUG LOGGED]

Short description: Full screen mode of Scrivener always goes the to primary screen. This may cause problem if user has more than one monitor running.

Expanded Description:
I currently have a two-monitor setup. The display is “extended / stretched” across the two screens and is not replicated, so I have double screen real estate to work with.

  1. If I drag the Scrivener window to either screen, and maximize the window, Scrivener becomes maximized on the screen I was working in. This behavior is expected (yay).

  2. If I drag the Scrivener window to either screen, and send it to Full Screen (either via the button or the F11), however, the full screen will always open in the primary monitor. This behavior isn’t expected (uuuh.) :laughing:

I’m fairly certain that the full screen mode goes to the primary monitor, because I can get the full screen to open where I want–if I change my primary monitor in my display settings.

What I’d expect, though, is the same behavior as maximized window. To have the full screen appear in the monitor where the original window is currently located.

Yes, I get this too. I will log this and see if we can fix this behavior.