Full-Screen Mode and Underlined Text in v1.5

It still does not work.

See this entry for details about the proposed fix:


I can only guess that this fix did not make it into 1.5.


Sorry, Dan, this seems to have been missed from the 1.5 update. It is in the 2.0 build.

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So I have to wait another year for this to be resolved after you promised the fix would be in 1.2?

I’m deeply disappointed about this. Not to mention that I now feel forced to pay for an upgrade to resolve an old bug.


Hi Dan,

Sorry you are disappointed by this. All I can do is my best, and unfortunately this did get kicked to 2.0 which I hadn’t realised until you just pointed it out. This is a very specific issue with imported text from Microsoft Word, and the changes that I needed to make in order to fix it were built into other changes that are coming in 2.0.

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It doesn’t work when I enter new underlined text in full screen mode, so for me it has nothing to do with importing text from MS Word.

In my original post, over a year ago, I was beat up by several forum users as though I was a) imagining the problem, or b) some kind of deviant who shouldn’t be using underlining. When you finally discovered that it wasn’t me (nor the other users who reported the same issue), I was grateful and relieved.

Now I’m just… back to being upset and disappointed. Great, another year of not being able to use full-screen mode.


As I said, I am sorry about this, but it is nothing personal. Your frustration is understandable, though, which is why, despite the fact that it is past midnight and I have been answering support e-mails for the past eight hours, I have just gone through the relevant code and started plucking it out of 2.0 for a 1.51 update. Hopefully I’ll have a minor 1.51 with this fix in the next few days. Like I say, I do my best…

Keith has said, from day 1, that you should buy Scrivener for what it is, not what you hope it might be. I understand the frustration of waiting longer than expected for a promised feature. We all want Scriv to be perfect for our workflow, but some features some people want will never arrive and some won’t arrive till later than we – or Keith – want. I’m amazed he’s as responsive as he is, and we should all be grateful for the app’s continuing improvement. Given all the requests for new features and bug fixes, it’s not surprising that some of his predictions might occasionally prove a bit optimistic. He works harder than any developer I know to please his customers, and certainly doesn’t deserve the intemperate, disrespectful tone of your complaint. He’s a nicer guy than I am, because if I were the developer, I’d hold off fulfilling the petulant demand for this enormously important feature in favor of those posted by more respectful commentators. I don’t speak for Keith, of course, but as a member of the Scriv community, I’m offended by your harsh tone, which fortunately I haven’t seen anywhere else among hundreds of posts I’ve read here. Is the delay of this feature really so important to merit the vitriol? Please consider an apology.

Brett – underlining in full-screen mode is not a “promised feature.” This was an included feature that has never worked. I’ve waited patiently for this to be fixed (and I was not the only user who reported this problem). In March of 2008 I thanked Keith for his attention to this issue and his promise to fix it in 1.2. In early 2009 when Keith announced that 1.5 was imminent, I considered reminding him about this issue, but concluded that this might sound a bit like badgering, etc. I’m still not convinced that badgering him about it would have been a good choice.


Thanks, Keith. I appreciate your commitment.

I’m sorry to have come off so angry. I’ve been on the verge of jumping ship from Scrivener for several months now over the full-screen issue… and that wouldn’t have been ideal, either, given that I’ve have been trading on that one feature and giving up a lot of other features that I can’t match elsewhere. A working full-screen mode is really that important to me, and it’s one of the reasons I eagerly gave up using MS Word when I discovered that other products offered this feature.


I went back and read Dan’s original post:


As I understand it, he wants to underline text in full-screen.
But why not just use italics, which is Cmd-I to turn on and off?
In my experience, all publishers prefer italics.
It looks better in print, and does not obscure descenders, like p, q, or y

Not trying to make trouble, just suggesting a workaround.


Drop me a line at support and I’ll send you a build of 1.5 with this issue hopefully fixed. I’ll release it officially in a week or so once I’ve established whether or not other bugs need fixing in a 1.51 release, but seeing as this is a big issue for you and this will just be a build of 1.5 with this one change, you can try it out now and let me know if it does fix the issue for you. Just drop me a line at support AT literatureandlatte DOT com.

All the best,

I can sympathise—I’m an underscore kind of person myself. I think italics are a reader’s tool, not a writer’s tool. They are impossible to pick out while skimming rapidly through text. Never understood why people like them—except in print. There it makes sense. You want a subtle variation to indicate some meaning, but not distract from the flow of the text. Plus, italics are a font family variation, not an adornment. They can be much more easily lost as a result.

No, they do not prefer italics. Standard manuscript format for most publishers is still underline for italics.


Apparently, I am.

Apparently, I can’t.

I saw this thread last night, and – cranky as I am at the end of a long day – I wrote a long, ranting reply. I deleted it, however, because it was a little too close to trolling, and because it’s (kind of) none of my business.

I do want remind the faithful, though, that when we are waxing on about the glories of Scrivener to our friends and loved ones, the level of developer support should be brought up early and often. Keith is the most attentive, engaged and professional software developer in the Mac community. His dedication to the ever-expanding functionality of this app is in itself worth the cost.

Okay, that was my attempt to be positive. I will stop now, because I feel the rant returning in Hulk-like fashion.


P.S. For the record, my workaround: Quit underlining.

Exactly. It makes sense in print, but for editing – by the writer or by your publisher’s editor – underlined text pops out and you can’t miss it. This probably started as an offshoot of old-style typesetting where this was also common.

One exception I experienced many years ago was when I worked for a publisher who edited feature articles sent to us in non-standard manuscript format. The feeling was that if we received mss already in a close-to-final format it would save time. In my experience it didn’t, and one of the reasons was that it was so easy to miss italics.


[quote=“Sean Coffee”]

You are obviously trying to start an argument… one that was settled over a year ago in this forum. You do what you want, I’ll do what I want… and what most editors want.


Good deal. I’d thought of this last night, too… best to wait until you see if there are other bugs that need to be included.