Full Screen Mode - Both Monitors?

Any chance we can get full screen mode to blank out ALL monitors attached to a computer?

I just started my first large project with Scrivener in advance of a review for CultofMac.com, and on the whole, LOVE IT, but having one monitor lit up, while the other is dark is a bit of a distraction.

Also, on the topic of totally silly feature requests:

I like a lot of writers listen to music when I write. iTunes integration would be handy in full screen mode. Just something not distracting at the bottom, with track information, forward and next buttons. would be awesome.


I think there are third party apps that will handle iTunes the way you want - perhaps another user can recommend something. I hope you understand why I won’t be putting development time into iTunes integration…

As for full screen mode - turn the other monitor off! This has come up on several occasions, but I truly believe that the best solution is just to turn off the other monitor whilst writing. If you’re not using it, you don’t need it on (“Reduce, reuse, recycle” as the kids at my school got taught recently…). Full screen deliberately leaves the other screens available so that you can refer to work on another monitor if you need to.

All the best,