Full Screen Mode + Composition Mode

For Lion users, I would love to have Scrivener open in “Full Screen” mode on one page and “Composition Mode” open on another page. So, when you are composing in “Composition Mode” and you want to reference something else, you flick three fingers back to “Full Screen”. Then to continue writing, just flick three fingers back to “Composition Mode”.
It would be almost like having two displays: one in “Full Screen” mode and the other in “Composition Mode”.

I can’t test it as I’m away from my dual monitor setup ATM, but wouldn’t the “Full screen uses secondary display” option work for that?

PS Shouldn’t that menu option now read “Composition mode uses secondary display”?

Actually, Jenny, I am talking about using just the primary screen. If you open iTunes in Full Screen and then play a movie, it opens the movie in a separate Full Screen. You can then flick back and forth between iTunes and QuickTime. Or when you open Preview you can have multiple Full Screen pictures or PDF’s that you can flick through.
So, in Scrivener, if you are composing in Composition Mode and you want to refer back to something in the binder, you could simply flick three fingers back and forth between the two. Not really critical; it would just be a small time saver and kind of cool.

I can get this to work if the “Hide main window in composition mode” flag is set to off. Just enter composition mode; hit the Mission Control button/gesture/whatever; drag the main window off to another Space; and there you go. If you want to make the main window full screen you can do so. Composition will still stay function on the Space you first called it from.

Amber, that is awesome! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to try it out tonight.
Kind regards, David