Full screen mode disabled

Hello, I can’t get Scrivener’s full screen mode to work. I’m using version 1.53 on OSX (10.8.2). Opt-Cmd-F does nothing; the ‘Full Screen’ icon in the menu bar is greyed out. Ditto ‘Enter Full Screen’ in the ‘Window’ pull-down menu. Can anyone help? I must be doing something very obvious wrong!

That’s a really ancient version of Scrivener. I’m not sure it was even the last version of 1 (wasn’t that 1.54?). Anyway, I would think it advisable to upgrade to the latest version. There are lots of new features, so it is really worthwhile. The latest beta is 2.3.5




As Martin says, you’re using an old version of Scrivener. Version 1.x of Scrivener isn’t fully compatible with anything newer than Snow Leopard, so if you are using a later operating system, you’ll need to upgrade to version 2.x (which is $25 for registered users). The trouble is that the full screen mode that was introduced with Lion clashes with Scrivener’s full screen mode in 1.x, so OS X ends up disabling it. This is all fixed in version 2.x (which came out in 2010).

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That would definitely explain it! Thanks very much - guess it’s upgrade time then! At least it wasn’t PEBCAK…