Full screen mode doesn't open at the right point.

So I don’t know if this a bug, or if I’m using it wrong…

I usually work in the composite (scrivenings) mode.

Say I open Chapter 2 in this composite mode, I scroll down to the bit I want, about 1/2 way through the document.

When I press f11 to take me to full screen, it takes me to the wrong place. Usually somewhere near the start of chapter 2.

I want to be able to press f11 and open full screen mode for wherever I have my curser flashing. Is that how its meant to be? How can I do this if so? And if not, how do am I supposed to use full screen mode in conjunction with the normal mode.

I move back and forth between them a lot, but usually end up completely losing my place. :frowning:


Alex. :slight_smile:

Tested, I confirm.

So can you guys fix it? Is there anything I can do?

So do I need to report this as a bug somewhere? How does it work?

Sorry for the delayed response. We have this on the list; no need to file a separate report. The problem tends to occur with lengthy documents or in Scrivenings sessions, but if it’s a single document the insertion point position should still be remembered even though the view does not scroll correctly. If you begin typing, it should jump to show that you’re still where you had left off in the regular editor. Alternatively, you may find that splitting the document into smaller pieces will help for now; you can merge them later or just take care of it in compile.