Full screen mode for Scrivener 1.54


I have been a user of Scrivener for many years but have not upgraded to the new version Scrivener 2.
The weird thing is that in my version (Scrivener 1.54) I can no longer use the full screen mode. The button is greyed out and the keyboard shortcut is not working anymore.

Has the full screen mode been removed or what is wrong?
As far as I know I have not changed anything from what I normally do.

It sounds like you are running the software on a version of the Mac that isn’t supported by Scrivener 1.x. When Mac OS 10.7 came out about a year after 1.54 was discontinued, it regrettably broke the full screen feature with its own system that goes by the same name. You can either go back to use 10.6, which 1.54 is rated for, or consider upgrading to Scrivener 2.5. We never did cut off the upgrade discount, so even though it has been about four years now, you can still get the reduced price. If that interests you, you’ll find a link for upgrading from 1.0 on the main product page.