full screen mode: inspector window

during a writing session, is there a way we can go back to full screen and have the inspector right there - without clicking the icon (again and again), and in the same size (width, height) we left it? if not, it’s on the top of my wishlist :smiley:

otherwise i find scrivener very nice to work with.

thank you.

Hello From,
Easiest way is to buy a macro keyboard. Then you can combine the shortcut keys; go to fullscreen F11 and toggle inspector Ctrl Shift i and put them on one macro key. This will bring Scriv into full screen with the inspector up, and as the inspector always comes up in the same location and at the same size as you last left it, the jobs is done.
A macro keyboard is good for combining many tedious little tasks that interrupt workflow. A really useful piece of kit. Not just for the gaming fraternity. See this article office.microsoft.com/en-us/suppo … 19230.aspx

Rather than buying a macro keyboard why not install autohotkey and write (or record) your own macros


or search this forum “autohotkey” … windows only.

Hello d~l,
I,m liking this. Most useful post of the week. This looks very good.

macro - i totally forgot about this.

thanks for the hint! i will try.

but still, a full screen mode that remembers the exact layout would be nice :wink:

Yes, this is on our list, along with a general remembering of where floating panels (e.g. the project targets) are placed.

that’s good news, thank you.