Full Screen Mode on 11" MacBook Air

This is kind of a wacky use of a laptop, but hey, it works for me. I mostly use my 21" monitor (behind the MacBook, but with the wireless keyboard and trackpad, I can take this setup to my kitchen table, or even my couch and coffee table.

It’s an 11" MacBook Air with an Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad. I’m using an app called Display Rotation (screen rotation is disable for laptops in OS X). Oddly, Display Rotation’s menu bar drop-down gets crowded off the screen in portrait mode, making it inaccessible, so a key combination is the only way to return the display to landscape mode. In case you’re wondering, I also use Scrivener on just the MacBook (without rotation and external keyboard). It’s a great machine for Scrivener, and I spend hours writing on it in coffee shops.

(Sorry folks, I blurred the text in Photoshop.) :unamused:

Sacrilege! You can’t treat your MBA like that! :slight_smile:

Sheesh, leave some crumbs for us plebs who don’t have a MBA but only have an iPad, will you? :stuck_out_tongue:

What I don’t really get is the use of the 11" screen while the 17" sits darkly behind it. Or is that a 19"?

Wait. You were just rubbing it in.

Now I get it.

Hey, I feed on envy. :smiling_imp: Or is is it scorn? :blush:

Nah, I’m just giddy about my new toy, which I assure you will be paid for with sacrifice a-plenty. The monitor is a 21" Apple Cinema Display, which I use primarily. I just posed the MacBook there, in wacky mode, to show how much screen real estate there was on the machine when rotated. I’ve only used it this way a couple of times, mainly at my kitchen table.

And irre, you know you’ll always have my crumbs. :wink:

…and your hand-me-down MBA when you upgrade :smiley: