Full screen mode - paper layout and GUI


the main thing I miss from Word is the option of using a layout that looks like an actual A4-proportioned paper in (full screen mode) that moves along as if you were using a type writer, it’s called “print layout view” in Word. Also, on a similar theme, the option of being able to set top and side margins independently would be nice, so I could start a bit further down from the top but not so far from the side. If someone knows if this is already possible somehow, please do tell.

On a separate note, the GUI could really do with some modernising. While I like the order and structure of how things are arranged, the option of having some panels (such as formatting) slide away until you bring the mouse pointer to the top would be nice. Also a bit of colouring, clearer divisions between control sections and also a fading of panels would be appreciated to soften the blow of getting hit in the face with all the controls.

Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not sure if the same options exits in the windows version of Scrivener:

Scrivener will likely never have a true print layout mode such as you are thinking of from programs like Word, which are document layout engines rather than pure word processors. The actual paper metrics and margins are not put together until you compile (and often the content changes shape while compiling, too, as headings are added and optionally even the font and layout of the text can change. That said we do have plans for an aesthetic choice which will give you a paper looking way to type into the editor. In most cases it won’t be 100% accurate, but it can be fairly accurate when writing to formats that do not change when compiling.

Thanks for replying!

The windows version only has one box for margin size which adjusts both width and height unfortunately.

Ah well as long as it’s fairly accurate. There seems to be quite a lot of differences between the mac and windows version, will the pc version be updated to match the mac functionality? Also, if a new version is released, is an upgrade free if you’ve got an earlier version of Scrivener?