Full Screen mode query.....

When I go in to full screen mode in Windows Scrivener, I can’t seem to get the text to be the colour I want it to.

I’ve been going in to Tools>Options>Appearance >Full Screen>Text…I figured that here is where you can choose the colour of your font.

When I change the colour, it changes the colour of the blinking cursor where you type your text…but the text colour never actually changes.

I gather I’m looking in the wrong place?

That should work. Maybe try right-clicking while in full screen mode and selecting your text color from there…

Sisko, I’m having the exact same issue. :confused:

This wasn’t happening before the update. I searched for solutions on the forum and found an old suggestion to select all the text while in full screen, right click, and then select 'Remove Color ’ from the Text Color menu. But that only works on one document a time, and since I don’t have the time or patience to do this on each and every scene I’ve written, I’m getting super frustrated. :imp: :unamused:

I hope there is a fix for this SOON.