Full Screen Mode to display one page Kindle-style


Is there any way that the Full Screen Mode in Scrivener could display just one page, Kindle-style? I wish the user could browse the document by clicking the arrows and not rely so much on scrolling. I know that this functionality is sort of present in View Document Mode / Page View, but it stills has the scrolling thing in it which, for me, sort of takes out the fun.

Any plans for such a feature?




Thank you all, you’ve been so helpful.

Well, you asked about plans so there is really only one person who can fully answer that (and he’s probably having a weekend and, although he says he reads all wish list posts, doesn’t always reply). I’m not sure what the rest of us could offer in response to your question.

Maybe you should explain what the benefit of such a feature would be. Besides “fun”. You can already export your manuscript as a mobi-File and display it in Amazon’s Kindle-application in order to see how it will look like.


No, there are no plans for anything like this - such view styles work much better for reading than they do for writing.

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Thanks for the answer, Keith.

Try the “Toggle Page Layout View” Button. It is the closest way I could find to viewing my pages as they would be on my Kindle. Although it would be nice if you could change it to view single pages instead of double, and to also use this view while in full screen composition mode, so you can write in “kindle” mode.

You can change the page view mode to have single pages vs. double; just deselect View > Page View > Two Pages Across.