Full screen mode with Edit Scrivenings -- binder context?

I love using Full Screen and Edit Scrivenings, often together. But I have not found a way of seeing the binder context (where in the binder structure I am) while editing. Is there a way? If not, could I make a feature request to make this visble, perhaps in the bottom bar in full-screen mode?

Thanks … Sophie

When in an edit scrivenings session, either in full screen or standard mode, the Go To menu becomes a localised table of contents for the session. Rather than displaying the entire Binder, it will just show the documents in the session and allow you to rapidly jump from on to the other without destroying the session. Also, it places a checkmark in the section you are currently in.

When not using ES, that menu does show the full Binder. It does so in a menu though, which may not be as useful as you desire. Other than that, there is nothing which displays your current location from within full screen.

You can also use View > Reveal in Binder to see where the current edited document is in the binder structure.
Hope that helps.
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I’ve been searching the forums and the help because I feel like I’m missing the obvious, and this is the closest I’ve found to what I’m looking for, so I figured I’d resurrect this for a moment.

When I’m in Edit Scrivenings and choose “Reveal in Binder,” all the documents in the ES session are highlighted rather than only the one I’m currently editing (ie where the cursor is). I can see that the effect could be handy when only a few documents are selected, to give you an overview of what you’re working on, but what I’m really searching for in this case is a “jump to” going from ES to the Binder, basically a reverse of what you get using the Binder as a TOC for an ES session with the editor locked. I’m working on a project with a lot of documents that unfortunately at present don’t all have the most descriptive titles, and I’m using Edit Scrivenings for nearly the entire Draft contents to see how the sections fit together and to better break them up and rearrange them. I’d like to be able to find a misplaced section while going through the ES session, click it in the ES editor and choose “reveal in binder” and have the Binder jump to just that document so I can quickly move it (in the Binder) to where it belongs.

If there’s another easy way around this–some method of linking the editors and getting the same effect with an ES view and an Outliner view–that’d suit me too. I realize the complications involved (why it doesn’t make sense to be able to move documents from within the ES session itself, why the Binder doesn’t automatically follow what’s in the Editor, etc.) so it seems like Reveal in Binder would be perfect, but it doesn’t seem to do what I’d want for this scenario.

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Try using “Reveal in Binder” from the editor’s header bar menu instead (by clicking on the icon next to the title in the header bar), as that has a slightly different function, specific to the editor.

All of this has recently been revised for version 2.0, so Reveal in Binder should be more intuitive in such situations, matching the behaviour you expect.

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Thanks for the quick response! Using the icon in the header bar still gets me the entire ES selection in the Binder, alas, whether or not the Editor is locked. (Don’t know if this is unexpected behavior then–running Scriv 1.54 on OS X 10.6.3.)

You’re always dropping these tantalizing hints about 2.0. Can’t wait to see it! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t remember the expected behaviour myself, which is why I said to try it. :slight_smile: Hence some changes have been made - if I can’t remember the expected behaviour, that’s a pretty good indication that the behaviour needs changing. In 2.0, the header bar menu will still reveal the lot (because that is intended to show the documents loaded into the editor), but the regular Reveal in Binder feature will do as you expect, and only reveal the current document you’re working on.

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I will carry on without, then, until the magical and revolutionary 2.0 is available for purchase, at which point I will buy it and all my dreams will come true and sunshine will break forth and a chorus of angels will sing. :smiley: Thanks again!