full screen mode with two screens

I like the fact that you can see full screen mode on a large screen attached to my laptop. What would be really cool is if the attached screen showed full-screen mode while the laptop screen still kept the outline view. Then I could select a document on the laptop screen to see in fullscreen mode with exiting fullscreen mode.

Am I making sense here?

Yes! Go to preferences/full screen and check:
“Open full screen window on secondary screen if possible”
It works very well!

I’ve got that switched on. The thing is when i go to full screen it appears in the big screen correctly but the laptop no longer shows the outline view (ie the whole of Scrivener is on the big screen).

What I would like is for the ‘normal’ view to stay on the laptop and the full-screen view to appear on the attached screen

Does that make sense?

You must uncheck “Hide main window” into preferences/Full screen
(I’ve just tested on my own laptop and external screen)

Fantastic! Thanks.

Just a word of warning if you choose to do this (nothing bad): a glitch in the Apple text system means that you might encounter some slowdown in this situation. But you will only see this if you try to edit the same text in full screen as what you view in the main window. Otherwise, everything should be fine. (That’s the reason this option is off by default.)